Cossar Tales from Australia

An arti­cle about Cos­sar press­es in Aus­tralia and New Zealand has appeared in both the print and online ver­sions of GXPress. As well as the his­to­ry of the press there are rec­ol­lec­tions from print­ers who worked with the ‘Cos­sar Patent Flat Bed Web News­pa­per Print­ing Machine’, and Peter Cole­man lists an impres­sive num­ber of news­pa­per titles which were print­ed on them.

The Crieff Cos­sar, which we believe to be the only work­ing exam­ple of the first mod­el left, has now been rebuilt and is in tem­po­rary stor­age in Gov­an. It will move to the Nation­al Muse­ums Col­lec­tions Cen­tre in Edin­burgh once cur­rent devel­op­ment plans are in place.