Crieff Cossar Press Phase 2

Phase 2 of the Crieff Cos­sar Project (rebuild­ing) is now under­way near the home of its inven­tor — Tom Cos­sar of the Gov­an Press.

In March 2012 the Cos­sar Press was removed from the premis­es of David Philips Print­ers in Com­rie Street, Crieff in the same way it had been installed in 1907 — in pieces. It was tak­en to stor­age in Gov­an to await rebuild­ing and refur­bish­ment. The over­all project con­sists of three phas­es: dis­man­tling and removal to store, fund­ed by Nation­al Muse­ums Scot­land; rebuild­ing and refur­bish­ment, now under­way; and the final phase of removal to Edin­burgh. The Scot­tish Print­ing Archival Trust had lob­bied to save this press, and is under­tak­ing the fundrais­ing cam­paign to raise the bal­ance of £15,000 need­ed to com­plete the project.  With the gen­er­ous sup­port of donors, includ­ing the Nation­al Print­ing Her­itage Trust and the Scot­tish News­pa­per Soci­ety and Unite the Union, the Trust has raised more than a third of that total, and the cam­paign con­tin­ues. It is now pos­si­ble to donate online through the link to MyDo­nate, or you can down­load the Cos­sar Press Appeal leaflet.