Stationer’s Company archive now online

Pri­ma­ry sources from the archive of The Wor­ship­ful Com­pa­ny of Sta­tion­ers & News­pa­per Mak­ers, at Sta­tion­ers’ Hall in the City of Lon­don, have been digi­tised. The new Lit­er­ary Print Cul­ture web­site pro­vides access to a vast col­lec­tion of pri­ma­ry source doc­u­ments for the study of the his­to­ry of the book, pub­lish­ing his­to­ry, the his­to­ry of copy­right and the work­ings of an ear­ly Lon­don Liv­ery Com­pa­ny. You can explore the vari­ety of doc­u­ments to uncov­er the sto­ry of the role the Sta­tion­ers’ Com­pa­ny played in the his­to­ry of the book trade.