Allied trades

 As print­ing has long been one of Scot­land’s most sig­nif­i­cant indus­tries, there have also been many com­pa­nies in Scot­land sup­ply­ing the indus­try’s needs.

Paper­mak­ing, for exam­ple, was a major indus­try in its own right, orig­i­nal­ly con­cen­trat­ed in areas with a good sup­ply of water both as a raw mate­r­i­al and to pow­er the machin­ery. In Edin­burgh, mills were con­cen­trat­ed on the Water of Lei­th and just out­side the city along the Riv­er Esk through Mid­loth­i­an.

Scot­land was also home to ink mak­ers, type­founders and print­ing machine mak­ers who sup­plied the indus­try through­out the UK and beyond. The archive of William McCance , artist and typog­ra­ph­er, is in the Nation­al Library of Scot­land (ref Acc.7631.), as is the archive of Ruari Mclean (refs Acc.11071; Acc.11072; Acc.11090; Acc.11370; Acc.11466; Acc.11491; Acc.11574; Acc.11602; Acc.12125; Acc.12399; Acc.12717; Dep.362).