Other printed products

Scot­land’s print­ing indus­try is well known for its diverse out­put. Although book and news­pa­per print­ing are the best known, oth­er impor­tant sec­tors of the Scot­tish print­ing indus­try are:

  • Maps and plans, for exam­ple Bartholomews and W & A K Johnson
  • Labels for bot­tles and jars
  • Pack­ag­ing such as card­board car­tons, and more recent­ly plastics
  • Mag­a­zines and comics
  • Braille
  • Ban­knotes
  • Cheques
  • Post­cards, Valen­tines of Dundee
  • Sewing pat­terns, for Sim­plic­i­ty Pat­terns of Paisley
  • Posters
  • Tar­gets