OTD 4 April 1508

Scot­land’s first print­ers, Wal­ter Chep­man and Andro Myl­lar, com­plet­ed print­ing John Lydgate’s poem The Com­plaint of the Black Knight, at their press in Edin­burgh’s Old Town.

OTD 28 February 1803

Memo­r­i­al of the Edin­burgh Com­pos­i­tors to the Court of Ses­sion. This was a request from the com­pos­i­tors of Edin­burgh that they be allowed to con­vene a meet­ing: the Com­bi­na­tion Acts were in force at the time, pre­vent­ing work­men from act­ing togeth­er to improve their con­di­tions. Per­mis­sion was grant­ed and a request for an increase in […]

OTD 19 January 1757

Thomas Rud­di­man was born near Banff in 1674, son of a farmer, and was edu­cat­ed at the local gram­mar school and at Aberdeen Uni­ver­si­ty. After a peri­od as a pri­vate tutor, and as the school­mas­ter at Lau­rencekirk, he moved to Edin­burgh in 1700 to become the assis­tant librar­i­an at the Fac­ul­ty of Advo­cates. He was […]

OTD 15 January 1826

Found­ed in Kel­so in 1796, James Bal­lan­tyne was found­ed in Kel­so in 1796. Archibald Con­sta­ble, Scot­t’s pub­lish­er, com­mis­sioned Bal­lan­tyne to print his Min­strel­sy of the Scot­tish Bor­der, which led to the fir­m’s move to Edin­burgh in 1802. After set­ting up near Holy­rood, they moved to Foulis Close in the Canon­gate before set­tling in Paul’s Work, […]

Talk by Helen Williams

As part of the Nation­al Trust for Scot­land’s Glad­stone’s Land Lec­ture Series, the Trust’s Hon­orary Sec­re­tary, Helen S Williams will be giv­ing a talk on August 31 on Edin­burgh’s Print Work­ers and their Organ­i­sa­tions. Print­ers had a tra­di­tion of col­lec­tive organ­i­sa­tion: the typo­graph­i­cal soci­eties, which lat­er became the print unions, oper­at­ed as wel­fare organ­i­sa­tions for […]